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Ynot Market Me..Automated Recruiting…..

Imagine what it could do for You and Your Business to have a Totally Automated System that:

Manages Your Leads and Contacts

Your Own Personalized YNotMarketMe Contact Auto-Responder that automatically sends a series of power-packed HTML emails to your leads and contacts encouraging them to visit and tour your business website. No more hard work having to personally set-up Auto-Responders, compose emails, and personalize them to your contacts. YNotMarketMe takes care of all of this for you, automatically.

And of special note, the contact emails are multi-lingual (read on to find out more about this truly unique and world-first 'smart' feature).

Sifts and Sorts

By pre-qualifying and sifting/sorting the contacts' level of interest, you find out immediately who is serious. That helps you determine with whom to spend your time.

Follows up for you for months or more!

Your Own Personalized YNotMarketMe Follow-Up AutoResponder will continually and reliably follow-up with every contact that visits your site sending them a series of dynamic emails and a personalized email.

The facts are clear. Prompt and consistent follow-up is imperative for the continued growth of your business.

Is Multi-Lingual!

A world-first, the system will automatically forward all the contact/follow-up emails and show your website into one of seven languages according to the recipients country. Currently; English, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, French, Spanish and German with more languages to come in the future.

This is an exceptional feature as more than 60% of the people in the world speak languages other than English. Currently phenomenal amounts of people around the world are expected to read and understand English when they would be far more at ease reading their own language.

Just this feature in itself makes this system the most personal, user-specific business development system available.

The system also includes:

Your Own YNotMarketMe Website

Automatically integrated in the seven languages, personalized and custom linked to your primary business.

Marketing Control Centre

Including a host of features to manage your contacts and streamline your online business including:

  • A very sophisticated, yet user-friendly Contact Management System so you can keep in periodic touch with your contacts during and after the auto-responder sequences.
  • Track, add and remove contacts to and from your Database.
  • Our unique automatic Call Assist is packed with powerful marketing telephone scripts, tips and answers along with the facility for you to add your own business scripts, tips, information and answers.
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